~ Here are a few things you should know about me ~

  • My name is Celina Rosa & I am 19 years young 

  • I am a self love/ self acceptance activist (a.k.a I'm all about body positivity)

  • I discovered my new found passion for cooking & food through my journey of eating disorder recovery 

  • I am one year strong into the healing process of my eating disorder 

  • I am a fitness & health fanatic

  • I am a singer/songwriter & use my voice as a outlet to share my battles

  • I consider myself to be a extroverted people person, who loves sharing stories, advice, & what I have learned

A Little About Me

And last but not least.... 


If you are looking for a safe place where your worries, concerns & feelings of loneliness can be relieved, look no further than this blog! 

I hope that by sharing my stories, my fears, my worries, my failures, and triumphs with you, you will find a new strength within yourself to conquer whatever is holding you back & ultimately learn just how not alone you are, in this world 💕

-   Celina  🤍